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Leo Burnett

Leo Burnett

03 Jan 2010, 05.29


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Leo Burnett

An icon agency building icon brands, Leo Burnett Worldwide is a Top Ten global agency network. Our 94 offices in 82 countries are united behind one vision – we create ideas that inspire enduring belief.

Whether in Kuala Lumpur, Bogota or Prague, you will find Leo's values driving the way we work; above all, pursuing excellence across everything we do. This passion has helped us become one of the top five most creative global networks for four years running. In 2003, more Leo Burnett offices (27) contributed to this honor than any other network in the world.

Even more important, our relentless pursuit of excellence has helped build our clients' businesses. Over the years we have helped create some of the world's most valuable brands like McDonald's, Disney, Kellogg's and Nintendo.

In 2002, Leo Burnett became part of the Publicis Groupe, the fourth largest communications company in the world. With access to more resources and deeper capabilities than ever before, we are poised to help our clients succeed across every aspect of brand-building.

Leo Burnett Worldwide is a full-service holistic marketing communication agency. We partner with our clients to deliver solutions across every aspect of marketing communications that will build their businesses.

Simply, we immerse ourselves in our clients businesses to translate business strategies to communications strategies. We become experts on our clients' target audiences and develop communication programs that will engage consumers in our clients' brands, drive loyalty, and deliver profitable growth.

Specific services Leo Burnett Worldwide provides include:

  • Custom target segmentation studies and other marketing research
  • Brand Planning
  • Brand Idea Development
  • Multi-media Campaign Development
  • Multi-media Content Creation
  • Futures Planning

We believe the very best, most successful and enduring brands stand above their competitors because they have created legions of believers.

Disney, McDonald’s, Nintendo, Heinz and Kellogg’s are some of the world’s most valuable brands because people have gone well beyond merely buying them. These are brands people believe in.

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